Smitty's BBQ

I love BBQ. Everything about it. The smell. The taste. The smoke. The buildings. The pits. The process. Even the meat sweats. There really isn’t anything about BBQ I don’t like. Even take a lot of enjoyment out of the different sides that each place serves. Since I started road tripping X amount of years ago, there really hasn’t been a single one that didn’t involve BBQ in some way. That usually means eating it, but I’ve also began documenting it whenever possible, which obviously leads to eating afterward. Win win. Smitty’s down in Texas is as beautiful a BBQ joint as you’ll find anywhere. When you work up a mental picture of old school Texas BBQ in your head, Smitty’s is probably it, or damn close. Their pit room is the kind of thing I see in my dreams. Mouth watering smells, heavy smoke, and dark bricks that have been crusted over from cooking with fire for years and years. Smitty’s is the real deal. Love how the chopping block which was once a flat top is now worn in from endless hours of cutting and serving meats. I could hang out here forever……if there weren’t so many other good BBQ joints to explore.

FYI: If you visit Smitty’s get the sausage.

Costa Rica

Went down to Costa Rica a few months ago, which was my second trip to that country. Cool place, but I don't recommend going in the summer. Hot as hell. Aside from that though, there are a lot of interesting things you can get into. My favorite part was getting a local guide who brought us into some really remote areas and introduced us to some farmers. Specifically a banana farmer and some guys working on the African Palm Oil Plantations. That was a really cool thing to see. It's archaic backbreaking work, for what I can only imagine to be terrible wages. And as always, we managed to consume too much local food and beer. Good times. 

Rovinj, Croatia

It's hard not to fall in love with Croatia. The more you explore, the better it gets. We drove from Dubrovnik, all the way up the coast of the Adriatic Sea, to Rovinj. And even if there was no Rovinj, the ride itself could have been the payoff. The coastline alone is gorgeous. And the seemingly never ending chain of islands is just icing on the cake. That route should be a requirement for everyone visiting Croatia. With the exception of a few small towns, It's completely desolate, with nothing to do but enjoy the view. 

Then there is Rovinj. Right away you know it's a different place because people are speaking Italian. Turns out there are actually two official languages in Rovinj, Croatian and Italian. Which means you know there is going to be great food. Hence the reason why Anthony Bourdain is such a big fan. Do yourself a favor and get your grub on in at least one of the places he visited. You won't be disappointed. It general, it didn't seem like you could go wrong with the food, just by snooping around a little. We went out to Giannino's one night and let the waiter bring us whatever he wanted for every course. And he was on point with everything from the apps to the limoncello.  

Side note: Rovinj is located on the Istrian Peninsula, which is known for their truffles. So this is the place to get them, it that's your thing. They have it all. Straight truffles. Truffle cheese. Truffle meat. Truffle oil. Truffle Vodka. Etc. 

Travel. More. 

Rob Hammer