Venice, Italy

When a local in Rovinj, Croatia told us we were only a 2.5 hour car ride from Venice, we had no choice but to go. You just don't turn down that opportunity. So we woke up early one morning and did it. Crossing the border couldn't be easier. And from Rovinj, you actually go through the country of Slovenia as well. Which in all honesty, I didn't even know existed. Anyway, if you stay off the highway, the drive takes you right through Italian wine country. So yeah, you'll never forget the ride. The kind of country where you see old houses completely covered in vines. Postcard kind of thing. Then you park and take a boat out to Venice, and have no choice but be impressed. The city is made up of 118 islands, that are seperated by canals, and linked by bridges. Just thinking about how the place was built, blows my mind. Seeing all this beauty comes at a price though. And that's dealing with boat loads of tourists, literally. There were 5 cruise ships in the Venice harbor when we pulled in. 5 cruise ships! That many idiots packed into one place sorta takes away from all the romance that is Venice. Deal with it for a few hours though, they all get back on the boat, and Venice becomes a different city. Much more intimate. There are so many layers, that keep un-peeling the more you explore. And in my opinion, everything gets better the farther you get away from the Grand Canal. Which in itself is undeniably impressive, but there is so much more to offer elsewhere. I probably don't need to bother saying that you'll find tons of good food and wine in Venice? My only regret is not having more time here. Guess we'll just have to go back. 


Rob Hammer