Only about 6 months late on this post, so yeah. Trying to chip away at the piles of images gathering dust on my hard drives from the past year. These are from an incredible camping trip in the Colorado backcountry. Specifically in the backcountry of Yampa. A very small and very remote town that is only frequented by locals, and those lucky enough to know about it. Did a lot of hiking to find our campsite. Then did a lot of fishing and eating. Also brought Mojo along on this one, which he couldn't have been happier about it. 

The Basketball Hoops Project

Among other things that I haven't been posting about, is my Hoops Project. The past 6 months has been filled with road trips, which means I've been busy sniffing out hoops along the way. Not only that, but last month I had a small printed book filled with these images sent out to companies/agencies all across America. Hope to get some feedback on that soon. 

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Spanish Meats

A few months ago we took a trip to Spain, and one of the highlights for me was the meat. It's something they definitely don't play around with over there. Everywhere you look, there are pig legs sitting on a bar, or hanging from the ceilings. At the markets, it seemed like there wasn't a single part of an animal that you couldn't buy. Don't made saying that I completely overdid it with the mean consumption, but whatever....


I just got back from a month long coast to coast road trip (8,027 miles). Obviously it was a great time. I was lucky to see a lot of friends/family, as well as some new parts of the country that I haven't previously seen. For a while now I've been saying that I'm pathetically behind on blog updates. The amount of unpublished material I have is going back about a year now. So one of my New Years resolutions should be to take care of that. After all, if they aren't published anywhere, then they don't really exist? Stay tuned. 

Goodbye Ol' Rosie

The relationship between a man and his vehicle is a funny thing. I can't even count the times I've crossed America in my Honda. Visited all 50 states. Most of them more then once. Endless memories. Great memories, but today it's time to say goodbye. 

Goodbye Ol' Rosie. My ode to a sweet ride.


Because of you, my friends all made fun of me. They said you weren’t a beauty like Mercedez. But you were beautiful to me. They said you didn’t have the curves like Lexus. But you still did it for me.  You didn’t turn heads like Aston. But you always seemed to catch me staring.

We’ve been together for the better part of the last four years. And it seemed as though you liked it? During that time, you’ve taken me places that most will never see. Places most would never want to see. From the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, to the stifling swamps of Louisiana, you never once complained. 

You embraced me when I had severe food poisoning after eating 2-day-old bbq ribs from Kansas City. I should have went to the hospital, but knew you would take better care of me. You were my chariot, to, and from Colorado for my wedding. I know you know that I love you. But it couldn’t have been easy to be involved in that? Giving me away to another. After all that we’ve been through.

I’m a filthy person. You’re not. So the life I gave you just isn’t fair. Even worse, I didn’t ask your permission before inviting a hairy beast into your place. Where he too moved in, and began shedding, and drooling all over you.  Again, not one complaint.  

It probably seems like I use you for money? Especially after I ripped out your insides. Making way for my two other loves, cameras and strobes. Does it feel like I cheated on you? I hope not.  I don’t care that I wasn’t your first. We’ve all got pasts. And we never would have met each other if it weren’t for that. 

The way I treated you, undoubtedly caused your premature aging. I pushed you hard. Harder then anyone else would. Hopefully you know that my intentions were good?  If it weren’t for you, I would not be where I am today.  We developed a trust that came from pushing.  Which is why you are where you are today. I am sorry. But I can’t take it back, and I don’t think you want me to?

What we had was amazing. But it’s time to move on.  The trust is no longer there, but it’s not your fault. Some things just aren’t forever.  You won’t be missed my many, but you’ll be missed by me. 

Goodbye Ol' Rosie.


Damian Lillard + Andrew Wiggins-Adidas

Been shooting this type of stuff along with a production crew for a long time now. And think this might have been the most fun yet, because of the inclusion of Jimmy Kimmel as "Bobby Butter". If you haven't seen the commercial, check it out. Filming with him was hilarious, and he was awesome.  "I'm like mayonnaise, because I'm smooth, but dangerous to leave open. 

Sorry about the low res iPhone pics of the store, but you get the point. 


Had a shoot last month in Boston that involved a 200-400mm lens. Which is something I don't normally shoot with, and decided to take advantage of the rental period. So I walked around town for a while and made some pictures. Boston is an awesome city that I've always had a lot of love for. Not an easy thing to say for someone born and raised in New York. Either way, I really wasn't concerned with shots of the major landmarks, just random sections I came across during my walks. Good times. Looking forward to doing this again. 


I've got so much content to post, and trying desperately to catch up on it. I keep cruising over these images, and thought I'd get them out of the way. Gotta love Utah. The more I road trip, the more it seems like there are states that want to give you good stuff. And others that really make you earn it. Utah is one that seems very giving to me. Not sure if I get lucky or what, but I always seem to come out of there happy. This day didn't see a lot of shooting because I was in kind of a rush driving back from Colorado with Emily who had to work. Still though, the few times the camera came out, it was a success. I love this type of shooting. 

The Basketball Hoops Project

Over the past year+, I've been doing a lot of traveling/shooting for my hoops project. And think it has developed into a pretty cool body of work. Yesterday the gallery got a nice update, so head over there and check it out. Also decided to try and get these images out there, and currently working on a nice promotional booklet that will be sent nationwide to a large handful of magazines, companies, and ad agencies. Hopefully they will dig it.....



Fitness Photography-San Diego

Happy with what we got here, but things didn't start so hot. Our first location was the rear stairs of the San Diego Convention Center. So I got there early to set up, and got kicked out before we even got started. That always sucks, but I've learned when things like that happen, it pushes me harder, and I usually come out of the day with cool stuff. You just have to improvise, and Tara was great. The portraits were actually shot in a parking garage. Who needs a studio? 

Random fact: Tara and I share the same birthday. 

Shot on a Nikon D800e and lit with Broncolor strobes. 

Costa Rica

Went down to Costa Rica a few months ago, which was my second trip to that country. Cool place, but I don't recommend going in the summer. Hot as hell. Aside from that though, there are a lot of interesting things you can get into. My favorite part was getting a local guide who brought us into some really remote areas and introduced us to some farmers. Specifically a banana farmer and some guys working on the African Palm Oil Plantations. That was a really cool thing to see. It's archaic backbreaking work, for what I can only imagine to be terrible wages. And as always, we managed to consume too much local food and beer. Good times. 


The last month and a half has been crazy with travel, which has led to a serious lack of updates on the blog. Not that I can complain, because it's been awesome. It started with a road trip up to San Francisco. Then a week later, another road trip up the California coast with notable stops in Morro Bay, Mendocino, Shelter Cove, and Paso Robles. Right when that ended, I flew to Boston for another shoot. Then spent a little time in up-state NY with family. Flew back to San Diego, and days later started a roadtrip up through California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada. All this following up a month that saw a trip to Costa Rica and a roadtrip out to Colorado. Covered a lot of miles, saw a lot of incredible places, did a lot of shooting, and I'm excited to share. Stay tuned.


San Diego Athletics

Bryan Boorstein, who is already a freak, was training for his first physique competition. So he was in full on beast mode. We got some cool shots that day, which would turn out to be our last shoot at this old gem of a gym. Shortly after, they would close this location to focus on their bigger place on Garnet Ave. I've been shooting here on and off for the last 3-4 years, and truly sad to see it go. There are great shoot locations, then there was Crossfit PB on Cass St. Even if you try, I doubt you'll ever find another space like it. I loved it there, and appreciate the time I spent with the psychos tossing around weights. Almost felt like home. If rent wasn't so high, I'd gladly make it my studio for the rest of my life. 

Check out more images from this series HERE.


I've long been a fan of sneakers, but it wasn't until about a year or two ago when I really started stepping things up. Guess you could call them my one material vice? Anyway, a few weeks ago I received a box in the mail from a client (Adidas). Inside the box was a pair of sneakers, and the note below. As you can see, Dave knows what kind of sneakers I like, but decided to send something else. That something else was a pair of white Adidas Shell Toes. An absolute classic in every sense of the word. They gained legendary status when RUN DMC started rocking them back in the day, and haven't fallen off much in popularity at all. Regardless, they were never a shoe that I would even consider wearing. Just weren't my thing. Until last week when I read Dave's note and decided to try them on. My mind was completely changed. They felt good, and I actually liked the way they looked. Which got me thinking about Dave's statement that "it's time to evolve".  Yes, he was only referring to my taste in sneakers, but that same concept can be applied to every aspect of your life. Kind of ironic considering the shoe itself has not changed since it's release in 1972. Food for thought. Thanks Dave!!

Emmanuel Mudiay

Emmanuel Mudiay just went #7 overall in the 2015 NBA Draft, and is now the newest member of the Denver Nuggets. I had the opportunity to shoot with his last month in LA for Under Armour. If you pay attention to hoop, you've probably seen all his "Life changes after the draft" commercials. Funny spots.Anyway, he's a good kid, and was fun to shoot with. Seemed very mature for his age, and handled all of his responsibility well. These shots below are from the 34th St. Foot Locker in New York City. It's always cool to see your stuff used like this. 


Had some more fun in the water a few weeks ago with my Aquatech Water Housing and Broncolor Strobes.  Was originally hoping for some early morning light to shoot Carter Graves doing some stand up paddle boarding on Mission Bay. We didn't get the sun, but I'm thankful for that now. Think the clouds provide a more dramatic look and add a lot to these images. 

Carter Graves