Kas, Turkey

The southern coast of Turkey couldn't be any different from Istanbul. It almost feels like two completely separate countries. As previously stated, I loved Istanbul, but it was also great to get out of the grind and into the country. After a total f*#k up with our airline tickets, we landed in Antalya. Then ran into another problem with our rent-a-car. Which turned into a lot of fun to figure out, with the language barrier and all. Anyway, we finally got a car (without a gps) and just decided we could find our way to Kas, which is about 4 hours away. Why the hell not, can't be that hard to read Turkish street signs, right? Well, it worked out, and the ride was awesome. Driving along the Mediterranean Sea was unforgettable. Seeing the coast and getting a better feel for Turkey was was cool. I can't even describe how much of that country is covered in green houses growing vegetables (mostly tomatoes). Which are delicious. When it Turkey, order any meal with tomatoes. You won't be sorry.

After dark, we got in Kas and had to finagle our way to the Airbnb that we had reserved. No map, no directions, and almost zero knowledge of the language. Eventually we found a cab driver who spoke some English, and called the home owner, who met us in town. Amazing how things work out with a little effort. The place was great, and a 45 second walk from town. We instantly loved the vibe Kas was giving off. If I had to compare it to anything, I'd say it's the Catalina Island of Turkey. Really low key and relaxing. Especially this time of year. A place that the Turks actually go to vacation. 

We spent the next couple days exploring Kas and the surrounding areas. At one point we drove out even further into the country. Finding some really remote areas that seemed completely trapped in a time warp. For what seemed like hours we drove around mountains roads that dumped us into a town who's name I couldn't remember if you paid me. It just popped out right in front us though. After coming around a blind corner, it felt like we were transported into a different world that is cut off from the rest. It just has a different feel from everywhere we had previously been. An ancient way of life. Wild animals roaming the one narrow street that cut through town. I got out to shoot and within 30 seconds heard a dangerously close shotgun blast that was immediatly followed by squawking chickens. Then an older woman (pictures below) in traditional Turkish clothes and a cane came walking up the street. Said a few words that I obviously couldn't understand, and kept going to the fig tree that Emily was trying to pick from. Almost pushing Emily aside like she was offended with her technique. Then began wacking the figs off the branches with her cane, handed them to her, and kept going. 90 seconds of our lives that we're still questioning as a dream. The whole scene was very surreal. Permanently burned into our brains. Thank you Turkey. 


Rob Hammer