New Orleans

Nowhere else in America will you find a greater mix of food and culture, as you will in New Orleans.  Television has it painted as nothing but the mecca of drunken debauchery. A place where people go to lose their minds along with thousands of other people falling down on Bourbon St.  And that does happen. A lot. But to think that's all NOLA has to offer, is like saying Amsterdam is only good for prostitutes and weed.  

If you like food and music, then New Orleans should be at the top of your to-do list. The restaurants and bars all have a unique vibe. The kind you can only find down there. Same goes for the people. And the streets, they come alive every night. Not just with partying tourists, but some of the best jazz bands you'll ever hear on a street corner. They are great to see and hear, but they also give New Orleans so much energy. Which makes you want to keep exploring. Wanting to see what's around the next block. And where all those smells are coming from. Do yourself a favor, dive into the local food.  Po-Boys, Oysters, Crawfish, Mufaletta. All of it. The food alone is worth the visit. 

Experience Bourbon Street when it's in full swing. Then get off it. Walk around. See everything else that the French Quarter has to offer. Hole in the wall restaurants. Bars. Shops. Just looking at the architecture will keep you entertained for hours. See it all before you're too drunk to remember anything, because  New Orleans is a special place. 


Rob Hammer