Where do I begin with Alaska? If you're lucky enough to have clear skies on your flight in, then you'll instantly realize that the normal rules don't apply. Alaska is a different monster. Playing on a higher level then the rest of the lower 48. Everything is bigger. "The Last Frontier" couldn't be a more fitting title for "The Great Land".  AK's scale is so enormous, and seems like it should be overpowering, but it's not. There is something very calming about it. Maybe it's the lack of people, or the calm nature of the people that you do actually meet? Either way, thinking back on this trip brings back great memories. At the time, we knew it was amazing, but not until looking back, did we realize just how special Alaska is. There's an untouchable amount of things to see in a lifetime, let alone a week. And regrettably, I didn't shoot that much. But that's just one more reason to go back. The more I think about Alaska, the more I think it might be the best place I've ever been. And before going, it seemed like this unreachable destination that took forever to get to.  From San Diego, you can fly there in the same or less amount of time it takes flying to the east coast. There is nothing unreachable about that. And once you're there, you'll experience a way of life you can't find anywhere else in the world. This first picture sums up Alaska for me.  Only there do you see a bald eagle flying over a log cabin, that is sitting on a cliff over looking a body of water, with a snow capped volcano peaking out of the clouds in the background.  


  1. Get out of Anchorage
  2. Drive. A lot. 
  3. Drive down the Kenia Peninsula and stop in all the small towns.
  4. Raft/Fish/Swin on the Kenai River.
  5. Hope, Alaska. Amazing little town no bigger then a football field. 
  6. Homer, Alaska. Halibut capital of the world. 
  7. Eat lots of seafood. So fresh it almost melts in your mouth. 
  8. Hike and kayak around Kachemak Bay. 
  9. Drive up north. Stop in all the small towns and everything in between. (Talkeetna is a good one. Their official mayor is a cat). 
  10. Not a huge fan of Denali. Seeing a national park from a bus has no appeal to me. 
  11. Try all the local food/beer. Chances are, the meat came from right down the road. 
  12. Get as close as possible to at least one of the countless glaciers.


Rob Hammer